Mediterranean Tile

Design. Service. Value.

Mediterranean Tile has been providing the tri-state area with the finest and most exclusive selection of tile and natural stone since it opened its doors in 1993. Located in Fairfield, NJ, Mediterranean Tile is family-owned and operated by Frank Matarazzo and his sister, Maria Cappello, both of whom have extensive experience in the industry.

I was tasked with redesigned the dated Mediterranean Tile website with an emphasis on their beautiful work as well as collaborative efforts with other interior designers.

The new Mediterranean Tile website now features an inspiration section that showcases work from Mediterranean Tile’s own designers as well as industry experts from around New Jersey. The new layout seeks to encourage users to explore the website and find inspirational ideas for personal home improvement projects.

Other client requests included an stronger CTA for their popular newsletter, greater emphasis for their Free Consultation service, as well as a more cohesive layout for their many new products and services.


Livingston Bagel

A Livingston Tradition of Excellence Since 1969

Livingston Bagel has been “the” place for bagels in West Essex since it was opened by Sol and Rita Snyder in 1969. Today’s Livingston Bagel is a far cry from the small mom and pop bagel shop of yesteryear. It has expanded to include a restaurant, deli, the only freestanding bakery in Livingston and a growing catering business.

As part of a larger marketing effort, I was tasked with designing a new website in keeping with the newly updated Livingston Bagel brand.

Some core focus areas included promoting online ordering, emphasizing key services, and effective menu navigation for Livingston Bagel’s multiple offerings.


Dim The Lights Film Blog

Crafting An Entertainment News Website

Dim The Lights Film Blog

While I spend my days crafting stories for companies, I spend my free time experiencing stories through film and television. My passion for film led me to creating Dim The Lights Film Blog, which has given me a place to share my thoughts on the latest movies and TV shows.
While this passion project started as a place for me to express my love (or hate) of film, the brand has grown into a website and podcast with a growing following. I manage Dim The Lights with my girlfriend, Olga Cortez and a few of our film buff friends.


Create a entertainment website that will serve as a friendly environment to talk about film.


After 2 years, Dim The Lights has grown significantly with almost 400 followers on Facebook, regular readers, and most recently, an audio podcast.



SAMM Sound

Website Redesign For a Family-Owned Audio Visual Company

SAMM Sound

SAMM Sound is an expert provider of custom audio visual design, installation and integration for homes, businesses and automobiles. Their clients range from residential to commercial partners including builders, contractors, architects, designers and car dealerships.

SAMM Sound is a family-owned and operated business that has been committed to providing high-quality audio visual design in the same location for over 40 years. With two generations of family and expert staff members that have been with them for over 15 years, customers can rest assured that their project is in the best hands. All of their employees are trained every year and stay on top of industry trends.


As the lead digital designer at i3 Creative Agency, I took on the task of redesigning the SAMM Sound website. After reviewing the original site, I stressed a few key aspects that would be implemented in the new website:

  • Responsive Design
  • Highlighting and Simplifying Services
  • Optimizing For Digital Marketing Campaigns

Original SAMM Sound Website


With a mature audience, I focused on improving navigation, readability, and imagery. The aesthetics lend themselves to the large scale projects SAMM Sound takes on for their clients as well as support their technical know-how.

With a brand new website, SAMM Sound’s web traffic and lead generation have grown. This has led to boosts in social marketing and ppc campaign efforts that have yielded increased success for SAMM Sound.


The BBQ Experts

Heating Up A Caterer Summer

The BBQ Experts

The BBQ Experts is a division of Livingston New Jersey’s premier caterer, David Z Caterers. The BBQ Experts focuses on creating delicious summer experiences for all occasions.


During my time at i3 Creative, I was approached by Livingston Bagel, owner of David Z Caterers and The BBQ Experts. The client requested a full fledge rebrand of their BBQ Catering division with the hopes of increasing bookings, and building a recognizable catering brand in the Livingston area. I art directed and implemented a brand new look for The BBQ Experts. As part of a long-term project, I designed the following:

  • Design A Responsive Landing Page
  • Rebrand With New Logo
  • Redesign The Catering Menu
  • Create Promotional Materials


The rebrand has proven successful for The BBQ Experts and their parent company, David Z Caterers. Over the course of 2016, the company’s booking increased dramatically.



Project: Echo

Using the latest technology to provide young musicians with music education.

Project: Echo seeks to provide an exciting learning environment for local musicians in an effort to improve educational opportunities for upcoming artists as well as newcomers. Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered.

Project: Echo iPad App

An online platform providing musical lessons for a range of instruments from local musicians and celebrities.

iPad App Microsite

In order to better educate individuals interested in using the iPad app,
a microsite was created to excite consumers and share the app features.

Summer Concert Poster

A poster for a summer benefit concert aiming to raise funds for
music education resources. The funds will go toward providing
instruments for underprivileged children.

Apple Watch App

The app serves as a way to aid music instructors efficiently organize classes. Instructors can glance at their classes, contact students, take attendance, and view lesson plans. The app is aimed toward Project: Echo instructors, however, it can very easily designed for other educators.



Token Of Appreciation

Bringing communities together through the power of gaming

Token of Appreciation is a retro video game arcade catering to adults who wish to experience (or re-experience) the golden age of gaming in a casual environment that encourages community and friendly competition in a digital world.


The Token Of Appreciation website is a fun lively informational site about the arcade and what it offers members. View arcade events, the large selection of arcade machines and merchandise. Log in to your 1-UP membership to earn rewards like free gameplay.

Outdoor Display Advertisement

The arcade’s large windows allows passerby to view the excitement within the storefront. Window advertisements will share the extra benefits 1-UP members will receive when they sign up.

In-Store Branding

Token Of Appreciation boasts an inviting environment for customers to relax and enjoy replaying their favorite classic games. The lounge adds to the fun by providing food, and refreshments in a casual communal area.

iPhone Mobile Application Promotional Video

In an effort to keep customers engaged in gaming outside of the arcade, the Token Of Appreciation app allows customers to socialize with gamers, earn rewards and stay updated on events.


Squeaky Lean Fitness

Bringing communities together through the power of gaming

Squeaky Lean is a laundromat and fitness center hybrid. The goal of Squeaky Lean is to create a space for those who strive for maximum productivity. This business does so by taking a common chore, like washing clothes, and combining it with a health-driven arena. Squeaky Lean strives to embody the energy and endurance that it’s customers express on a daily basis.

Social Media Promotion

Using Vine as a platform for a seven second promotional video illustrating the services Squeaky Lean offers.