Token Of Appreciation

Bringing communities together through the power of gaming

Token of Appreciation is a retro video game arcade catering to adults who wish to experience (or re-experience) the golden age of gaming in a casual environment that encourages community and friendly competition in a digital world.


The Token Of Appreciation website is a fun lively informational site about the arcade and what it offers members. View arcade events, the large selection of arcade machines and merchandise. Log in to your 1-UP membership to earn rewards like free gameplay.

Outdoor Display Advertisement

The arcade’s large windows allows passerby to view the excitement within the storefront. Window advertisements will share the extra benefits 1-UP members will receive when they sign up.

In-Store Branding

Token Of Appreciation boasts an inviting environment for customers to relax and enjoy replaying their favorite classic games. The lounge adds to the fun by providing food, and refreshments in a casual communal area.

iPhone Mobile Application Promotional Video

In an effort to keep customers engaged in gaming outside of the arcade, the Token Of Appreciation app allows customers to socialize with gamers, earn rewards and stay updated on events.